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Blogging in General

As you can see I haven’t added anything to this site in the last several months.  I’ve had a busy start to my work year and my ‘day job’ takes precedence over blogging.

I have created a separate web site to host the business of Morgan’s Paradise:

When we first opened our doors I found that WordPress was the quickest way I could get started just entering our basic business info in an easy to display format.  However, as I added more posts potential customers had trouble finding our basic Pricing and business info.  After moving the business data to the new site, I just haven’t been monitoring WordPress like I should.

Facebook is another place that people find us: , but I haven’t been doing much promotion there either.

I do have a lot of things to say about Panama living, but I end up simply relating those stories by word of mouth to friends, family and business associates.  I may be boring them (or raising their envy) in the process, so I plan to post more here and let those who are interested come and read.

Stay tuned…


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Happiest Place on Earth

Well this recent survey seems to confirm what I’ve known for years now:

Panamanians are some of the happiest people on the planet.  It’s not about the money, Panama is not a very wealthy country, and the survey shows that people who earn more than $75,000 per year are not significantly happier than those in the lower income ranges.

The world could learn a lesson from Panama.  Be content with what you have and take some time to enjoy life.  For me it is easier to enjoy life when the weather is consistently good and the beach is only a 10 minute casual stroll away.

Come to Panama and see first hand what all the happiness is about.

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Walk to the Beach

Coronado is a beach community and we regularly enjoy walks on the beach.  Our dogs love it when we get to the water front and take off their leash and allow them to run.

There are two paths to the ocean one is down the road on which we live.  The road is paved and it is a straight 1.3 Km walk to the Sands Beach. The route can be seen below on the Google Earth image:

The other route is a zig zag through some dirt roads, but it is only about 900 meters and only takes about 10 minutes to get there:

All of the beaches in Panama are considered public land and there are public access points between the private homes that line the beach.  In some cases the public access points are a narrow alley in other cases it is wide enough to allow a car to pass through, but there is no parking on the water front in Coronado, so even if you drive you’ll still have to walk the last 100 meters or so.

The beaches around Coronado have a lot of black sand and have somewhat of a “salt and pepper” appearance in many areas.  The photos below were taken on the beaches near our home:

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So far, so good

We didn’t really know what to expect when we started inviting guests into our home.  Karys and I have always enjoyed entertaining and showing hospitality to friends and family, but now we’re inviting strangers to visit.

The good news is that all of our guests have been wonderful and we have enjoyed hearing their stories and sharing our home with them.  Operating the B & B won’t always be a bed of roses (or orchids in our tropical scenario), but so far it has been about what we expected.  It’s always a lot of work to keep things flowing smoothly, but in our case we are doing something that we love.

I hope that as things get busy during the travel season that we can maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and continue to enjoy operating our new business.

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Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

For most of my working career I have focused on helping businesses cut costs and increase profits using technology. With this new entrepreneurial venture I find myself in the position of finding customers. The tables are turned. The costs of maintaining the house can’t really be reduced. It’s simply our home. We will maintain it and enhance it as we would any other house that we have occupied.

The goal is to gain customers who will visit and enjoy the place as much as we do.

I’m confident that those who visit will find the home as relaxing and enjoyable as we do. If you’re looking for a place where you can turn off the rest of the world and bask in the sunshine in a quiet place, look no further. But no one really knows we exist. It is only through marketing that I can draw attention to our little piece of paradise.

As I outlined in a previous post there are plenty of web sites that we can use to market, some for a fee and others for free. Folks surfing the web who happen across us are most welcome, but ultimately, this type of business will be built with satisfied customers and their word of mouth advertising.

The high travel season is approaching here in Panama. The “snow birds” from the north will be visiting and others who seek to get away for the Holiday season. I hope that we can gain enough attention that we can fill the rooms with customers who we can show the highest level of service and hospitality.

Our dream for the last several years is here.  We can do the work that we enjoy, we just need to find customers whom we can serve.

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Getting Started with a New Business

The world of Internet marketing can be confusing even for a technology pro.  I’ve been in the computer business for over 20 years, so I understand the methods, but how does one put a value on the variety of sites that are out there?

Everyone says Trip Advisor is THE site on which to be listed.  But there’s also AirBnB and and a host of others.  The free listings are a no brainer, but how many marketing dollars should I throw at these various sites?

Trip Advisor is $400/yr and offers a free listing with no contact info, so we can be seen there, but not easily contacted.

AirBnB has a free listing available, but the site has an issue that won’t allow me to create a site in Panama because of a phone number problem:

It seems that the telephone country code won’t change for Panama.

Then there’s which offer packages from $75 to $438/yr.  Nothing free.

The only way to know which is best would be to try them all, but when the budget is tight one just can’t buy all of the most expensive options.

I guess I’ll try the inexpensive option on and the Trip Advisor site to start.  I’ll contact AirBnB to figure out what’s up with their sign up page.

Please let me know if you’ve used any of these sites and what you think of them.


The tech support folks at AirBnB were helpful and got the phone number issue resolved.  I then experienced an Address issue which their tech support informed me that they have a geolocator service to resolve; however that service isn’t available for free listings.  I’ll keep working with them, but I won’t spend any money with them until I’m convinced that they can meet my needs.

Final Update:

After another e-mail exchange with their tech support I was able to get the address entered.  Turns out to be an Internet Explorer issue according to them.  I tried Safari on my iPad and Chrome from my laptop to no avail, then mysteriously the problem was resolved and I got the AirBandB site to accept my address using IE after all.  So we now have an AirBandB listing.  Many thanks to Sam A. from AirBandB support.  Who diligently responded to my messages each step of the way.

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Contact Info

We can be reached by email:

US Phone: 305-671-3455


Panama Cell: 507-67142991


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The Birds

The previous owner always had lots of birds.  We’ve decided to keep that tradition and have several birds around the property.

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Kosher Kitchen

We keep a kosher diet and a kosher kitchen, so there is no outside food allowed.  We are happy to accommodate those who eat vegetarian or vegan diets.

We only offer meals other than breakfast on a daily request basis.  When you arrive we can plan out the dining arrangements.

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Where in the world are we?

Here is an aerial photo and our coordinates:

8°31’52.94″ N  79°53’19.27″ W

Using Google Earth you can see our close proximity to the beach.

It’s about 1Km to walk to the closest beach access and takes about 12 minutes at an easy pace.

Driving directions:

Turn off the Pan American Hwy towards the main entrance of Coronado, you’ll see the McDonalds on that corner.

Travel a couple of kilometers to the main gated entrance of Coronado.

After the gate proceed on Ave. Roberto Eisenmann approximately 1.5 Km then turn left towards the Coronado Country Club.  Picasso Pizzeria is on the corner.

Our house is on the right side of the street just .5 Km after the turn.

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