Posted by: morgansparadise | October 19, 2012

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

For most of my working career I have focused on helping businesses cut costs and increase profits using technology. With this new entrepreneurial venture I find myself in the position of finding customers. The tables are turned. The costs of maintaining the house can’t really be reduced. It’s simply our home. We will maintain it and enhance it as we would any other house that we have occupied.

The goal is to gain customers who will visit and enjoy the place as much as we do.

I’m confident that those who visit will find the home as relaxing and enjoyable as we do. If you’re looking for a place where you can turn off the rest of the world and bask in the sunshine in a quiet place, look no further. But no one really knows we exist. It is only through marketing that I can draw attention to our little piece of paradise.

As I outlined in a previous post there are plenty of web sites that we can use to market, some for a fee and others for free. Folks surfing the web who happen across us are most welcome, but ultimately, this type of business will be built with satisfied customers and their word of mouth advertising.

The high travel season is approaching here in Panama. The “snow birds” from the north will be visiting and others who seek to get away for the Holiday season. I hope that we can gain enough attention that we can fill the rooms with customers who we can show the highest level of service and hospitality.

Our dream for the last several years is here.  We can do the work that we enjoy, we just need to find customers whom we can serve.


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