Posted by: morgansparadise | November 23, 2012

Walk to the Beach

Coronado is a beach community and we regularly enjoy walks on the beach.  Our dogs love it when we get to the water front and take off their leash and allow them to run.

There are two paths to the ocean one is down the road on which we live.  The road is paved and it is a straight 1.3 Km walk to the Sands Beach. The route can be seen below on the Google Earth image:

The other route is a zig zag through some dirt roads, but it is only about 900 meters and only takes about 10 minutes to get there:

All of the beaches in Panama are considered public land and there are public access points between the private homes that line the beach.  In some cases the public access points are a narrow alley in other cases it is wide enough to allow a car to pass through, but there is no parking on the water front in Coronado, so even if you drive you’ll still have to walk the last 100 meters or so.

The beaches around Coronado have a lot of black sand and have somewhat of a “salt and pepper” appearance in many areas.  The photos below were taken on the beaches near our home:


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