Posted by: morgansparadise | July 5, 2013

Blogging in General

As you can see I haven’t added anything to this site in the last several months.  I’ve had a busy start to my work year and my ‘day job’ takes precedence over blogging.

I have created a separate web site to host the business of Morgan’s Paradise:

When we first opened our doors I found that WordPress was the quickest way I could get started just entering our basic business info in an easy to display format.  However, as I added more posts potential customers had trouble finding our basic Pricing and business info.  After moving the business data to the new site, I just haven’t been monitoring WordPress like I should.

Facebook is another place that people find us: , but I haven’t been doing much promotion there either.

I do have a lot of things to say about Panama living, but I end up simply relating those stories by word of mouth to friends, family and business associates.  I may be boring them (or raising their envy) in the process, so I plan to post more here and let those who are interested come and read.

Stay tuned…



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